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Thanos Coloring Pages

6 Free Printable Thanos Coloring Pages Online. Thanos comes from the planet Titan, which was once populated by the alien race of the Titans. It was, among other things, superhumanly strong and enduring, as the battle Thanos vs. Hulk in Avengers Infinity War proves.

Detailed Thanos Head Coloring Page Detailed Thanos Head Coloring Page

Thanos was also the last survivor of the original settlement of Eternals on Titan. Born with grey hidden skin and a massive body due to his Deviant Syndrome, Thanos was a grumpy child obsessed with the concept of death. Through bionic implants and long hours of meditation, Thanos expanded his powers so that his abilities exceeded those of all other Titans.

Marvel Thanos Coloring Pages Marvel Thanos Coloring Pages

As he grew in power, Thanos also grew in ambition and conquest. Thanos stole one of his peoples spaceships and traveled to other star systems to recruit soldiers, mercenaries, and dissatisfied men for a private army. With a small fleet, he dropped atomic bombs on his homeworld Titan and killed thousands of people, including his mother Sui-San. He declared himself ruler of Titan and then set his sights on Earth.

Powerful Thanos Coloring Pages For Kids Powerful Thanos Coloring Pages For Kids

At some point in his adult life, Thanos encountered the embodiment of death itself, which in female form became Thanos companion. It is likely that Thanos death was attracted to both his philosophical devotion to nihilism and his willingness to genocide his own people. Thanos began to experience love for another being for the first time in his life, although the being was only a manifestation of death. In order to be worthy of such an awesome being, Thanos decided to gain more power. At first he planned to simply seize political power by conquering worlds.

Thanos Coloring Pages For Adults Thanos Coloring Pages For Adults

For this purpose he collected a huge armada of battleships. Then he found a way to increase his personal power immeasurably. After observing planet Earth since the first explosion of a nuclear weapon, Thanos learned of an object of power called the Cosmic Cube, created by the subversive organization Advanced Idea Mechanics Thanos seized control of the reality-changing device and ordered it to give him control of the universe.

Printable Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Coloring Pages Printable Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Coloring Pages

Transformed from the Cosmic Cube into a divine being, Thanos fought against the Avengers and the Kree Captain Marvel. When Thanos recklessly left the Cosmic Cube behind because he falsely believed he had robbed him of all power, Mar-Vell struck the cube and wanted him to make the universe what it was. Deprived of power, Thanos returned to the mortal form in the center of the universe, where his flagship Sanctuary II retrieved him under pre-programmed instructions. Thanos was struck down when he discovered that death had abandoned him because of his failure.

Angry Marvel Thanos Coloring Pages Angry Marvel Thanos Coloring Pages

Thanos soon forged a plan to regain the affection of death: He would give "her" more than any living creature had given "her", the destruction of everything that lives. Through the thoughts and records of countless civilizations he sought, hoping to find the key to the power he sought. Finally, he learned of the Soul Jewels, six power objects of unknown origin and mighty power, and set about acquiring them. In a short time he had received all but one soul jewels: The Jade Jewel worn on Adam Warlocks head. What followed was a long story, but in the end Thanos died!

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