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Kawaii Coloring Pages

15 Free Printable Kawaii Coloring Pages Online. Kawaii is an amazing art. Draw cute, unicorn, girl, animal, narwhal, people kawaii coloring pages for toddlers. There are 15 free kawaii coloring pages in this category to color for free. Pick your best kawaii and color it.

Kawaii Coloring Pages Narwhal Kawaii Coloring Pages Narwhal

While pop stars of the western world often show their erotic side, there are many successful artists in Japan who put their cute and childlike side in the foreground. An example that also made it to Germany is the Metal band "Babymetal". This is a group with the three female members Su-Metal, MoaMetal and YuiMetal. The style is referred to by the record label as "Kawaii Metal". You can hear hard metal sounds, in the foreground the three petite Japanese sing songs like "Gimme chocolate!".

Kawaii Coloring Pages People 01 Kawaii Coloring Pages People 01

If you want to know more about Kawaii, I recommend the book "Kawaii - Japans Culture of Cute" by Manami Okazaki and Geoff Johnson, which I have consulted for this blog article. There the kawaii style is really well explained!

Kawaii Coloring Pages For Adults Kawaii Coloring Pages For Adults

in kawaii coloring pages for adults page, you will find extreme kawaii coloring page for younger teenagers. color it before it ends

Kawaii 12 Kawaii 12

Understandably, during the Second World War, the influence of the Kawaii was significantly reduced. The real bloom began in the 50s. Particularly noteworthy would be the paper dolls of Kiiichi Tsutaya, which had clearly inspired the American culture.

Kawaii 11 Kawaii 11

The first illustrator of the Kawai "Shojo" (girl) style is Yumeji Takehisa. He joined Japanese traditional painting with European influence. Even today he is still very famous in Japan and opened in 1914 the first Kawaii Nippesladen, which sold, among other things, stationery, bags and the like. So things that are cute, but nobody needs.

Kawaii 10 Kawaii 10

Illustrators since the Edo period (1603-1868) have frequently featured recurring motifs of attractive women in beautifully patterned kimonos. Often these were woodblock prints. Over time, Western culture became increasingly influential, which had a significant impact on the design of clothing.

Kawaii 09 Kawaii 09

The Japanese kawaii culture has its origins in a long series of artists and designers. The biggest influence on the development had girls illustrations and the distribution of decorative items.

Kawaii 08 Kawaii 08

Pastel colors, rounded shapes, large eyes and a large head, and the shortest possible distance between the nose and forehead are typical features of Kawaii characters. However, there are other forms of Kawaii style, which have developed slowly in between. There are, for example, grotesquely cute, creepy-cute, violently-cute and sexy-cute. These differ slightly from the standard shapes. However, one can not deny the origin.

Kawaii 07 Kawaii 07

Kawaii characters became more and more popular in the 80s. I just remember Hello Kitty, who accompanied me since the kindergarten! Hello Kittys birth year is 1978, which makes her one year younger than me. At the same time, manga comics, especially for girls, have become very popular. Along with this, clothing brands that had adapted the Kawaii style. An attitude towards life for young people was supported. In particular, were were addressed to young girls. Meanwhile, the phenomenon has long since extended to both sexes.

Kawaii 06 Kawaii 06

There is every little corner, on every sign, in every shop, even in the most impossible places, any figurine to see. Be it a mascot for a shop, be it a public transport logo. The most banal things are explained there to cute objects. In the past, childlike and small objects were referred to as kawaii. Today, this also applies to the elderly or the royal family. This is a sign of social change in Japanese society.

Kawaii 05 Kawaii 05

In Japan, this is omnipresent. At first, I have read it myself in many books and contributions. Thought, however, that would be a bit over the top. I did not believe that a whole country could be permeated by such an attitude towards life.

Kawaii 04 Kawaii 04

The approximate translation of Kawaii is "cute" and roughly describes the appearance of children and babies. Actually, the kawaii style is actually what you understand as something that triggers strong emotions and, in a broader sense, maternal instincts to protect and to love.

Kawaii 03 Kawaii 03

In the context of "Kawaii" so everything is caught, which is cute, cute or very cuddly. In Japan, Kawaii elements are found in almost every place in everyday life. For example, Kawaii-inspired manga comics are often seen in the hands of adults.

Kawaii 02 Kawaii 02

The term Kawaii is mainly found in the areas of anime and manga. The word comes from the Japanese and means translated as "adorable", "sweet", "childlike" or even "attractive". Meanwhile, "Kawaii" has evolved into a whole lifestyle that focuses on childlike and cuteness. Pronounced "Kawaii" with normal "a" and final, long "i". you will find numerous audio examples with the pronunciation of "Kawaii".

Kawaii 01 Kawaii 01

Anyone who moves a lot on the Internet, encounters, especially in forums and chats on different terms that you have never or rarely heard. In addition to abbreviations such as OMG or FTW, the term "Kawaii" also falls at certain points. But what does "Kawaii" actually mean?

Benefits of Coloring Activities:

  • Focusing
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to use time correctly
  • Visual memory enhancement
  • Stress reduction

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