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Ice Cream Coloring Pages

14 Free Printable Ice Cream Coloring Pages Online.

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Delicious ice cream is high on the hit list of many children and adults, not only on hot summer days. Ice cream in different varieties and preparations tastes the whole year in summer as in winter, at Easter as well as at Christmas. The frozen preparation of cream, milk, eggs, sugar, honey, fruits and many other ingredients is one of the most popular sweets ever.

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What could be better than enjoying a refreshing ice cream on hot days? But how many calories does the cold treat bring? And what is actually contained in the ice cream? Every German licks about eight liters of ice cream a year, says the statistics. 85 percent of the ice cream consumed by Germans is produced industrially. The rest is made in ice cream parlors. As a rule, they still produce the ice cream according to their own recipes today. Meanwhile, you can choose between over 70 ice flavors.

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Ice - a word with which we associate a frozen sweet food, which gives refreshing pleasure. Consequently, according to German food law, the term ice cream is used as a generic term. If the short form of ice is used colloquially as a name for foodstuffs or luxury foods, ice cream is always meant.

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in this coloring page, you will find ice coloring pages for adults younger kids collection. It is hard to color it but adults can color.

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While a creamy ice cream will cost the same for all ice cream parlors, since the price of milk and eggs is about the same and does not significantly affect product quality, a hazelnut ice cream with 10% Piedmont hazelnut paste will be significantly better and cost the producer 50% more as an ice cream with 5% hazelnut paste of medium or low quality.

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Every ice-cream maker must visibly attach the ingredients of the product. In the meantime, all ice cream manufacturers use different ingredients for the production of ice creams, because in order to achieve certain consistencies and balance, some additives and formulas rich in special ingredients have to be used. It may therefore be that it is not easy to decide whether an ice cream parlor should be better avoided or not.

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Namely, the artisan ice cream can be produced by using a freeze-dried matrix to which water or milk is added. Often these basic compounds are made with the same ingredients as industrial ice cream. The only difference is that this product will not be kept for long because it will be sold within a few days. But it is also true that there are currently industrially produced, high quality semi-finished products that allow the production of a very good ice cream. The best way to recognize a high quality ice cream is therefore to rely on your own experience, whereby the senses and thus the ability to be further sharpened, a good ice not only in the taste, but also in its structure, its creaminess and to recognize its melting point.

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When talking about ice cream, it is very important to distinguish between artisanal and industrial ice cream. These differences affect the production process as well as the ingredients used. Crafted quality ice cream is made from fresh raw materials and the air incorporation phase is slow, reaching about 30% of the volume of the mixture. It is not possible to produce high-quality ice cream without using some additives such as guar and locust bean gum as thickening agents (which, however, are harmless). Industrially produced ice cream contains milk powder, vegetable oils and additives such as colorants, emulsifiers, stabilizers and flavors. As a rule, it is softer and with less consistency, as it contains more air depending on the brand (about 100-120%). It is certainly correct to say that artisan ice cream is a product that has nothing in common with industrially manufactured ice cream. However, caution should be exercised as sometimes low quality craft products are found.

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ce cream, especially coffee and chocolate ice cream, is an important source of antioxidants (polyphenols). The antioxidant power of fruit ice cream, on the other hand, is lower: the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) contained in this variety undergoes an oxidation process during preparation and is less effective in the fight against free radicals. Nevertheless, thanks to the action of special enzymes in our organism, vitamin C can be converted into an active form. Also good is the supply of micronutrients: vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and especially in chocolate ice cream vitamin E.

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The calorie content of ice cream comes from the lipids and sugars it contains. These are milk fats, among which the short-chain fatty acids (which can be quickly used by our organism as an energy source) and the oleic acid (very important for the muscles) predominate. The lipids consist of animal fats, i. Fats derived from milk, cream, butter and eggs. The content of lipids is such (in terms of amount and distribution) that they are easily digestible.

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The sucrose and lactose present in the ice cream are easily digestible simple sugars that are absorbed quickly and immediately provide energy at all levels. In addition, sucrose makes it possible to satisfy the desire for sweetness and thus for a taste from which the human is strongly attracted and that contributes effectively to the acceptability and thus indirectly to the nutritional value of the diet. The artisanal ice cream contains not only sucrose, but also a certain percentage of glucose, lactose and fructose: Since glucose and fructose are monosaccharides, they do not require any metabolism and are immediately available in the form of energy. The lactose promotes the absorption of calcium through the bones and thus a process that is not negligible, especially in children.

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Ice cream is a very digestible carbohydrate food. The relatively low saturation index ensures that it falls into a food category whose consumption needs to be weighed up. Ice cream is a food that is less high in calories than commonly thought, given that a serving of 100 grams of milk ice contains about 150 calories, while fruit ice cream contains only 80 calories per 100 grams. It is thus possible to enjoy this delicacy without any unpleasant effects on the weight, by taking only a few measures that make it possible to balance the daily calorie balance again. As far as the main ingredients of ice cream are concerned, the protein (or proteins) contained in milk and eggs consists of amino acids of high biological value and, as such, fundamental tasks for the organic processes of growth, differentiation and conservation takes over.

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Ice cream is a fresh food that contains very rich ingredients such as eggs, milk and cream. Thanks to new technologies, the product is always kept at very low temperatures, from production to marketing, which prevents the multiplication of pathogens. In addition, almost all ice cream parlors that do not use industrial preparations paste paste into the ice cream parlor prior to processing, further enhancing the safety of the ice cream. In the case of industrial products (the packages found in the deep-freeze of the supermarkets) care must be taken to ensure that the ice cream does not thaw during transport to the domestic freezer. After defrosting, this product must be consumed because it can not be frozen again.

Free Printable Ice Cream Coloring Page Free Printable Ice Cream Coloring Page

Ice is a food that is produced by introducing air into a liquid mixture as it freezes. The various commercially available types of ice cream (ice cream, cream ice cream, fruit ice cream or sorbet) differ by production methods and main ingredients used. The following main ingredients are used for ice cream: milk, sugar and eggs, with which the basic mass is produced. The different flavors are obtained by adding other ingredients such as banana, strawberries, chocolate, hazelnuts and so on. It is also possible to produce fruit ice cream without milk and eggs, which therefore has fewer calories and is more refreshing, but also less creamy and tasty. Many manufacturers of this type of ice cream also state the lack of sugar. In fact, the sucrose is simply replaced by fructose or glucose, which have the same calories but a lower glycemic index.

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