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Halloween Mandala Coloring Pages

6 Free Printable Halloween Mandala Coloring Pages Online.

Halloween Mandala 06 Halloween Mandala 06

Halloween night is just around the corner and most parents are already organizing some plans to celebrate it as a family. As it is traditional there are likely to be costumes, many sweets and a decoration in tune with mystery and terror, however, choosing the plans is much more complicated. Sometimes we cant afford to leave home to enjoy the various attractions in the city, although this doesnt mean that children cant have a very fun night out.

Halloween Mandala 05 Halloween Mandala 05

A very economical solution, simple, fun and within reach of any parent is to draw with the children. They will have a lot of fun and will be able to spend a night with a different family. In addition, it will be very beneficial for the little ones as numerous investigations have shown that drawing stimulates fine motor control, improves hand-eye coordination and writing skills. It is also an excellent exercise to improve concentration, channel negative emotions, stimulate creativity and emotional expression. And if thats not enough, drawing has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system that helps children feel calmer and happier. The best thing is that the drawings that the children make can be placed in their room or they can even be part of the creepy Halloween decoration. So that the boredom doesnt feel like home, here are some different and fun ideas to draw with the children in Hallloween.

Halloween Mandala 04 Halloween Mandala 04

Fun, color and mystery dont always have to be at odds. And a sponge is all the child will need to change the look of that vampire, ghost, witch or zombie in front of him. It will be a lot of fun to soak the sponge in different colors to print it on the drawing and give a multicolored tonality to those characters. A very funny idea that children will love is to give a different texture to their characters. In addition, it is very easy to do because they only need to put pastas of various shapes, lentils, rice or coarse salt on top of the printed drawing and cover them with glue. Once they are dry they should be painted with a sponge or brush and it will seem that the character comes to life on the paper.

Halloween Mandala 03 Halloween Mandala 03

Children love to use wax to give the drawings a deeper look. In addition, they will be able to use the wax from the candles that will be scattered throughout the house and, best of all, when they finish they will have a different and very peculiar drawing. This technique is ideal to fill in ghost drawings or to give a foggy effect. It is a technique that requires a lot of patience but the result is well worth it. It is a very easy effect to achieve because it is enough to dilute the paint in water and to use a straw to absorb the paint and to be painting with it the interior of the drawing, with much care so that the painting does not cross the paper. The characters depicted in the drawing will have a very original vintage effect that, without a doubt, the children will adore.

Halloween Mandala 02 Halloween Mandala 02

Using an old toothbrush will serve to paint the drawing and achieve a different effect. It is only necessary to dip the brush a little in the paint and then pass the finger to the cells directly on the inside of the drawing. It will get a very original atypical and abstract effect, ideal for coloring backgrounds or clothes of the characters.

Halloween Mandala 01 Halloween Mandala 01

free printable halloween mandala coloring pages for adults and kids 2019

Benefits of Coloring Activities:

  • Focusing
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to use time correctly
  • Visual memory enhancement
  • Stress reduction

Tips for Printing Free Coloring Pages

1) You can print free coloring pages by clicking the print button. Download coloring pages to your computer if you do not have a printer. If you use windows, you can paint them on Windows Paint program. You can access the paint program by typing start run "paint"