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Ferdinand Coloring Pages

7 Free Printable Ferdinand Coloring Pages Online.

Ferdinand 11 Ferdinand 11

in this coloring page, you can the bull is lying on the ground

Ferdinand 10 Ferdinand 10

In 2011, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to a remake. Carlos Saldanha, director of the shows implementation, has already starred in animated films such as Ice Age (part 1 to 3) and Rio. (IT)

Ferdinand 09 Ferdinand 09

Before Ferdinand was implemented on the computer as an animated film, the fabric was already in 1938 its first adaptation: Walt Disney created with Ferdinand, the bull a cartoon short film, which won the same year, the Oscar as the best animated short film.

Ferdinand 04 Ferdinand 04

Ferdinand is based on the famous childrens book Ferdinand, the bull (OT: The Story of Ferdinand) by Munro Leaf. The work from 1936 was illustrated by the draftsman Robert Lawson, who oriented his paintings very strongly to the real architecture of the respective places in Spain. The book, written during the Spanish Civil War, is considered a pacifist parable. It was banned after its appearance by the Franco regime in Spain, Nazi Germany and other dictatorial-ruled countries. Mahatma Gandhi once described it as his favorite book.

Ferdinand 03 Ferdinand 03

One day the good-hearted bull is stung by a bee crawling through the flower, whereupon he gallops wildly over the paddock. A few men who are looking for a spirited animal for their bullfighting in Madrid see this. They believe Ferdinand to have found in him a furious and stormy bull. But when Ferdinand is led into the ring to face the matador, he has no intention of fighting. Because just because he is a bull, he does not have to behave like one ...

Ferdinand 02 Ferdinand 02

The bull Ferdinand (originally spoken by John Cena) has no desire to engage in fighting with the other cops. He prefers to sit in the cow meadow under a tree and smell the wonderfully fragrant flowers. The young bulls of the pasture grow up and despite his gentle nature Ferdinand becomes the biggest and strongest of them.

Ferdinand 01 Ferdinand 01

The animated film Ferdinand tells the story of a mild-mannered bull after a world-famous childrens book, which one day is mistakenly chosen for bullfighting.

Benefits of Coloring Activities:

  • Focusing
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to use time correctly
  • Visual memory enhancement
  • Stress reduction

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