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Farm Coloring Pages

12 Free Printable Farm Coloring Pages Online. Maybe you have been on a farm yourself or have been on a farm holiday before. Children can discover many animals and experience exciting adventures here. We offer you on this website fascinating motifs and great coloring pictures of the countryside. By clicking on a free coloring page you can download your favorite picture as a PDF file and then color it with many great colored pencils.

Farm 12 Farm 12

More and more people are being fed by one hectare of agricultural land. The yield per hectare for wheat, for example, was 18.5 quintals a good 100 years ago. Today (average from 2008 to 2013), the yield per hectare is more than four times higher at 75.7 quintals.

Farm 11 Farm 11

At the beginning of the last century, the share of those working in agriculture was 38 percent. With increasing industrialization and the development of the service sector, the proportion of agricultural employment declined almost continuously, amounting to 24 percent in the early 1950s and just under 2 percent in the first decade of the 21st century.

Farm 10 Farm 10

we can help the farmer baking bread. What ingredients do we need and how did this special baking technique come about? The farmer knows curious and worth knowing about it. In the end, we can take home our home-baked bread.

Farm 09 Farm 09

We visit the cornfields, separate the grain from the chaff and pour the grains into the mill. And when the farmer Max takes his mill into operation and directs the water of the Frötschbach into the mill wheel, then the millstones grind the grains. After grinding the grains, we can sift the flour. An ear of corn from rye, wheat and spelled reminds us at home of our experience at the Malenger mill.

Farm 08 Farm 08

we use cheese made from fresh cows milk. During the cheese process we explore the stable with Franz and he tells us everything about the way of milk from cow to cheese. At a comparative tasting we discover the different tastes of the milk. When our cheese is ready, we fill it and decorate it. Before we start again, we can still taste our homemade alpine cheese.

Farm 07 Farm 07

Even the potatoes are now in the ground. In the summer the farmer harvests the grain with the combine harvester. He must be careful that his crop does not get wet in the rain. In autumn he prepares the soil for winter sowing and harvests corn, apples and sugar beet. In winter, it is finally a little quieter - time for repairs of all kinds ...

Farm 06 Farm 06

For example, cars and machines are powered by rapeseed oil. When what to do, the farmer can not decide for themselves. His seasons are determined by his work schedule. In the spring he brings the liquid manure onto the fields and loosens up the soil for the plants with machines like plow, cultivator and harrow.

Farm 05 Farm 05

Anyone who complains about "stupid farmers" has no idea of ​​the profession. Because he is varied, demanding - and vital to us. Most of the food we need is made in our farms. These include cereals, potatoes, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables and more. Some plants can also be used to produce valuable raw materials for the industry.

Farm 04 Farm 04

A farmer looks after the health of animals and plants just as he drives and repairs large machinery. He needs a lot of brains and organizational talent to get everything under one roof. Therefore, a future farmer visits the Vocational School of Agriculture for three years. You can even study agriculture!

Farm 03 Farm 03

How will the hooves of the horse be fogged? Which horse breeds and riding styles are there? On the horse farm Unterlanzin we can even clean and groom the horses. After work, we rode a couple of guided laps on the riding arena. As a reminder of this afternoon around the horse there is a horseshoe - a little luck to take away.

Farm 02 Farm 02

Most farms today no longer have all the animals you see here. Often, farmers have only one or two species. This has the advantage that they can take care of these animals better than if they had to look after many different species.

Farm 01 Farm 01

Farmers are real all-rounders nowadays - modern farm management often involves caring for animals at the same time, cultivating fields sensibly, maintaining and operating modern machines, keeping buildings up to date and, moreover, keeping an eye on commercial matters. Find out more about farm here.

Benefits of Coloring Activities:

  • Focusing
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to use time correctly
  • Visual memory enhancement
  • Stress reduction

Tips for Printing Free Coloring Pages

1) You can print free coloring pages by clicking the print button. Download coloring pages to your computer if you do not have a printer. If you use windows, you can paint them on Windows Paint program. You can access the paint program by typing start run "paint"