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Dream Catcher Coloring Pages

11 Free Printable Dream Catcher Coloring Pages Online. Dream catchers belongs to the Native American people. Adults prefer coloring dream catchers. We have 9 free dream catchers coloring pages for adults. Indian and American dream catchers are the most popular 2 of the world. Print out them.

Traditional Dream Catcher Coloring Page Traditional Dream Catcher Coloring Page

Highly sensitive personalities are well advised to integrate a yellow citrine into their dream catcher as it protects their sensitive aura. The importance of concentrated trust is attributed to the brown tiger eye. A transparent crystal clears and cleanses. Braided fur symbolizes comfortable comfort, while wood or wooden beads provide peace, rootedness and warmth. Some dream catchers are decorated with so-called "Spirit Chimes". With their gentle sounds, they drive out negative vibrations, bad thoughts and bad dreams. Coyote claws in Native American mythology embody the fool who succeeds in applying his crafty plans with ease and humor.

Dream Catcher Coloring Page With Star Dream Catcher Coloring Page With Star

In general, all animal components in the dream catcher are considered totems and embody the meaning of the spiritual connection to ancient souls of the animal world. An antler, for example, promotes the perception of higher knowledge. Bears draw their strength from the rest. Wolves provide harmony in the pack, have the function of teachers and symbolize the love. Dolphins support breathing and vitality. An eagle stands for mental clarity in the upswing. Turtles stand for serenity, emotional protection and caring motherhood. Whales have the meaning of spiritual communication. Buffaloes contribute to the fulfillment of wishes, provide for the supply of essentials and support the prayer. The hunt is considered sacred and the clay pommel tips used here are used to procure essential goods. Therefore, clay arrowheads in Dreamcatcher support the hit rate and thus the success. And finally, plants also contribute to their well-being with their vibrations. Therefore, the medicine bags used in dreamcatchers contain cedarwood and sage, which have a cleansing and protective function.

Dream Catcher 09 Dream Catcher 09

But what significance do the objects interwoven in the dream catcher have? Particularly striking are the pearls that appear in every dream catcher. With their attractiveness, the pearls should tempt the bad dreams to play with them. They should forget time and space and be so distracted that they can not bother the sleeping under the dream catcher person with a nightmare. In the early morning light the bad dreams disappear and dissolve. Horse hair is considered a good companion on all dream trips. The hair symbolizes strength and endurance.

Dream Catcher 08 Dream Catcher 08

There are different interpretations of the meaning of dreamcatchers. The application and interpretation may vary depending on the legend. For example, in some Indian tribes, the pleasant dreams slip through the net while the unpleasant ones remain trapped in it and are neutralized by the sun the next morning. Other tribes, including the Lakota Indians, use Dreamcatchers to capture their good dreams and let the bad ones escape through the hole in the middle. The good dream captured in the net is regarded as positive energy and passed over the feathers to the person sleeping under it. The round shape of the dream catcher has the symbolic meaning of the eternal cycle of life.

Dream Catcher 07 Dream Catcher 07

Dreamcatchers consist of a wooden or willow tire, in which an elaborate net is woven from strings. The shape of the net is to remind, according to Native American custom, of a spider web in which the spider catches its prey, in this case the bad dreams. This web is decorated with various objects that can have a sacred or personal meaning. Then the dreamcatcher is hung in a free space above the bed to catch the bad dreams and to bring a good nights sleep. In addition, Traumfängern is also attributed the importance of a nightly protective function.

Dream Catcher 06 Dream Catcher 06

The Anishinabe have a legend about the origin of dreamcatchers. They talk about the spider woman Asibikaashi, who took care of all the people and children of the country. When the people of Anishinabe spread all over North America, it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children. So she taught the mothers and grandmothers to weave magical nets with willow tires and plant fibers. These nets would then catch all bad dreams and only let the good dreams through. And when the sun came up, all the bad dreams caught up dissolved with the first rays.

Dream Catcher 05 Dream Catcher 05

Dreamcatchers originated from the culture of the Indian people Anishinabe, also known as Ojibwe, and were later made by trading or marrying neighboring tribes, e.g. taken over the Lakota. Only since the 1960s, the dream catcher is regarded as a symbol of the unity of all Indian tribes and as a symbol of American Indian culture. Many Indians, however, complain that dream catchers have become a commercial product.

Dream Catcher 04 Dream Catcher 04

Through your very own staging of the dream catcher, you bring a piece of Bohemian lifestyle back home and protects you from nightmares. Almost every bedroom nowadays has colorful spring-embroidered dreamcatchers to protect us from evil dreams. But where do they come from? Dreamcatchers are Native American protective amulets that have always been hung by mothers over their childrens beds to protect them from bad dreams and thoughts. They have a long, storied history and meaning. Well tell you whats behind it.

Dream Catcher 03 Dream Catcher 03

The dreamcatchers are hung on the wall, in the door, on the window or over the bed. They not only look decorative, but also have several functions: Evil spirits should be kept away from the sleeper, protect him and let him sleep soundly. The bad dreams are to be caught in the net and then neutralized by the morning sun. The good dreams, on the other hand, slip through the hole in the middle of the net, or glide gently down to the sleeper at the feathers attached to it. I could not really make friends with the dream catchers for a long time. I did not like most of them and I had no idea what they meant. At some point, however, I began to read more about it and even create my own dream catcher: they should be more modern and minimalist. Meanwhile, I have designed dozens of different dreamcatchers and discovered my love for them.

Dream Catcher 02 Dream Catcher 02

The classic dream catcher originally consisted of circular rings of willow wood. The circle symbolized the cycle of life and should, according to the old belief, attract the good. At that time, the net was elaborately spun from intestinal cords or tendon threads. It was supposed to remind of a spiderweb where the spider catches its prey - the evil dreams. Thats where his name comes from: Dreamcatcher. This net could be decorated as desired, for example with pearls, leather or feathers. Each material was also given a specific meaning.

Dream Catcher 01 Dream Catcher 01

Dreamcatchers are much more than just a pretty wall decoration that gives the room a Bohemian style. The dream catcher, according to ancient Indian tradition, a deeper meaning. According to legend, dream catchers from North America come from the Ojibwa Indians. Today, they are available in countless many, different variants and colors. Nevertheless, all dream catchers have one thing in common: their basic form, consisting of a tire in which a net is stretched. How to make a dream catcher yourself

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