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Disney 16 Disney 16

Of course, there is also a great book about the father of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. It is called Walt Disney The first 100 years and has been published by us

Disney 15 Disney 15

Walts attempts to find a rental for his new character were unsuccessful. He knew he had to come up with something special. The sparkling idea was the sound film. He dubbed Steamboat Willie with music and the audience was thrilled. Mickeys success lit like a rocket, a critic wrote. The figure was an indispensable part of the cinemas.

Disney 14 Disney 14

During a train ride he should then have come to the idea with the mouse. Back in Hollywood, he presented his idea Ub Iwerks. He sketched the figure on a sheet of paper, painted her big, round ears, and finished, the mouse was done. Walt actually wanted to give her the name Mortimer, but his wife did not like the name and suggested calling her "Mickey." So we owe it to her and the draftsman Ub Iwerks that Mickey Mouse is known worldwide today.

Disney 13 Disney 13

There are many stories about the birth of the Mickey Mouse, the truth will probably always remain a legend. Also because Walt Disney and its authors have themselves promoted the legend. The fact is that in 1926 Walt once again suffered a business setback. He was frustrated and urgently needed to come up with something new.

Disney 12 Disney 12

In 1923, the siblings founded the Disney Brothers Studio. Gradually, the success turned. The staff grew and Walt realized that his real talent was not in drawing but in developing stories and directing. He persuaded Ub Iwerks, a friend from early days, to come to Hollywood and work for him.

Disney 11 Disney 11

By now, Walt was 22 years old and he only had $ 40 left, his last money. He made a momentous decision. He left everything behind and bought a ticket to California. There he persuaded his brother Roy to start a new business. Walt could now implement his ideas freely, while Roy made sure that they always had enough to eat.

Disney 10 Disney 10

Walt Disney could no longer pay his rent, he moved into his office, his employees left him and he had just enough money not to starve. But then he got the job to shoot a film about dental care. He earned him $ 500, which he immediately put into his next fairytale film project Alice in Wonderland. But this time his client went bankrupt and Walt stood empty-handed again.

Disney 09 Disney 09

Business wise as he was, Walt Disney raised about $ 15,000 and founded the company Laugh-O-gram, which in German means something like, laugh-story film. The first movie: Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Riding Hood). He managed to sell a whole series of fairytale cartoons. $ 11,000 should do that. His staff were very busy, the first few films were finished quickly, but the client never paid.

Disney 08 Disney 08

In 1922 he began to draw his own movie cartoons. He founded his first company. In his brothers garage he worked on his own animation. But Walt was not a good businessman at the time, so the revenue was just covering his expenses. Walt Disney was not discouraged. He was firmly convinced of the future of cartoons. He even managed to persuade some young draftsmen to help him work in the garage. Without payment, only with the prospect of better orders in the future.

Disney 07 Disney 07

The little Walt was thrilled, he took hours of excursions in the surrounding forests and developed a lifelong love of nature. Here Walt Disney also made his first artistic attempts. He sold one of his drawings to the local doctor for 5 cents. Sherwood. After school, Walt was determined to become an artist. At first he worked as a publicity draftsman. He was interested in the animation and began to study everything about the technique and movement.

Disney 06 Disney 06

The parents moved after Walts birth in the country to Missouri. For them, it was clear that rural life for the children in any way healthier than living in a big city and also working on the farm would do their children good.

Disney 05 Disney 05

Walt Disney is a Sunday kid. He is the fourth of five children born on Sunday, December 5, 1901 in Chicago. His parents Elias and Flora earn their living by designing and building houses. Incidentally, his real name is Walter Elias Disney. But even as a child, all call him Walt. The early years

Disney 04 Disney 04

Explore the secrets of Disneys magical film and television world at Walt Disneys StudiosĀ® Park. From the legendary moments of the moving image in the Toon Studio to the overwhelming effects of the Production Courtyards five production zones full of thrills, you and your little stars are in the limelight.

Disney 03 Disney 03

In film production, Disney is increasingly turning to animation. The animated film "The Ice Queen - Totally Unbeaten" from the year 2013 is one of the ten most successful feature films of all time (as of November 2017). The film was able to bring in just under 1.28 billion US dollars at the box office worldwide. The film division of the group includes, among others, the production companies Miramax Films, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilms and Marvel Studios. By international comparison, Disney is the leading operator of theme parks. In the ranking of the ten most visited amusement parks worldwide with only one exception only amusement parks of the Walt Disney Company are listed. The Magic Kingdom (Florida) leads the list with around 20.4 million visitors in 2016.

Disney 02 Disney 02

The Walt Disney Company - short Disney - is an American media company. The company was founded in 1923 by the brothers Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and became world-famous for its animated and animated films. The headquarters of Disney is located in Burbank, California. Disneys revenue in fiscal 2017 was approximately $ 55.14 billion. The largest share of sales was generated in the Media Networks segment. These are followed by the Parks and Resorts business segments (more than $ 18.4 billion) and Studio Entertainment (approximately $ 8.38 billion).

Disney 01 Disney 01

The Walt Disney Company is currently the third largest media and entertainment company in the world. The group includes Walt Disney Film Studios and its Touchstone subsidiary, which also produces for the international television market, comic and film publisher Marvel Entertainment and ABC (American Broadcasting Company), one of the three largest US television channels, and numerous specialty channels such as Disney Channel , Disney XD and Disney Junior, the American sports channel ESPN as well as the Disneyland theme parks.

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