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Tortoise Animal Coloring Pages

We already notice an important point in the Mandala meaning when drawing: the shift of attention from concerns and concerns in the outside, to a relaxed, balanced inner space. We connect with the symbol and absorb the harmonious, structured properties in us. We learn to focus away from our fears and worries, towards a neutral, positive state and free of thought. The so-called "no mind" effect sets in over time. When we are in that state, we gain strength and emerge stronger from this employment. On the contrary to the moments or hours when we are too top-heavy and thoughtful - this state robs us of energy, pulls us out and exhausted us.

Tortoise Animal Coloring Pages, Mandala Coloring Pages, Free Printable Tortoise Animal Coloring Pages
Tortoise Animal Coloring Pages Printable Coloring Page Online

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