Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages

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Merchant asked Daughters

Once a merchant, before leaving for market, asked his three daughters what they wanted as gifts on his return. The first daughter wanted a brocade dress, the second daughter a pearl necklace, but the third one namedMore

Sudden Storm Blew up

While returning home, a sudden storm blew up and the merchant's horse refused to move. Suddenly he saw a beautiful castle.


Merchant Entered the Castle

The merchant entered the castle to save himself from the storm.


Suddenly A Beast Appeared

Next morning, he went outside and saw a beautiful garden. There, he picked a rose for his daughter. Suddenly, a beast appeared and said, "Why are you plucking this rose?" The merchant said, "For my daMore

Discussed Something

On reaching home, he discussed it in his family. Beauty said that she was ready to go.


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