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Happy Ice Cream Coloring Page

When talking about ice cream, it is very important to distinguish between artisanal and industrial ice cream. These differences affect the production process as well as the ingredients used. Crafted quality ice cream is made from fresh raw materials and the air incorporation phase is slow, reaching about 30% of the volume of the mixture. It is not possible to produce high-quality ice cream without using some additives such as guar and locust bean gum as thickening agents (which, however, are harmless). Industrially produced ice cream contains milk powder, vegetable oils and additives such as colorants, emulsifiers, stabilizers and flavors. As a rule, it is softer and with less consistency, as it contains more air depending on the brand (about 100-120%). It is certainly correct to say that artisan ice cream is a product that has nothing in common with industrially manufactured ice cream. However, caution should be exercised as sometimes low quality craft products are found.

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