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Dream Catcher Coloring Page With Star

In general, all animal components in the dream catcher are considered totems and embody the meaning of the spiritual connection to ancient souls of the animal world. An antler, for example, promotes the perception of higher knowledge. Bears draw their strength from the rest. Wolves provide harmony in the pack, have the function of teachers and symbolize the love. Dolphins support breathing and vitality. An eagle stands for mental clarity in the upswing. Turtles stand for serenity, emotional protection and caring motherhood. Whales have the meaning of spiritual communication. Buffaloes contribute to the fulfillment of wishes, provide for the supply of essentials and support the prayer. The hunt is considered sacred and the clay pommel tips used here are used to procure essential goods. Therefore, clay arrowheads in Dreamcatcher support the hit rate and thus the success. And finally, plants also contribute to their well-being with their vibrations. Therefore, the medicine bags used in dreamcatchers contain cedarwood and sage, which have a cleansing and protective function.

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Dream Catcher Coloring Page With Star Printable Coloring Page Online

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