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Beyblade 02

The exciting TV series tells the story of a group of passionate blazers who realize their dreams to make it to the top. Valt Aoi is an avid fan of Beyblade. Valts best childhood friend, Shu Kurenai, is considered a Beyblade prodigy and has already made it to the bottom of the nationwide Beyblade championship. Valt is inspired by Shus great successes and wants to qualify for this years tournament. However, to compete with the greats, he must first win the district competitions - which is anything but easy in the face of fierce competition. Driven by his great ambition, Valt wants to compete with the true champions. He hopes to meet Shu and qualify for the championship. As part of his battles, Valt meets new friends and achieves ever greater success. Without realizing it, he already dreams of becoming the best blader in the world.

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