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Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation Coloring Pages

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Tessellation 09 | 1192 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 09

Mosaic is a handicraft with a long tradition. Centuries later, mosaics provide an insight into the culture in which they were created. Early forms are found in Mesopotamia. There were in the 4th millennium BC. Chr. With clay pens and glazed bricks columns and walls disguised. The function was to make the masonry more stable and weatherproof, but the desire for decoration and the joy of beauty made ornaments.

Tessellation 07 | 1191 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 07

In the 1st millennium BC In Asia Minor, paving mosaic floors were created in the Middle East. The Greeks refined this technique. In the 3rd century BC Chr. Were used in addition to pebbles and cut stones.

Tessellation 06 | 1190 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 06

The Romans made the Tessera mosaic (Tessera = stone) from the 2nd century BC. Chr. Popular throughout the Mediterranean beyond. Several Roman mosaic floors in Europe bear witness to this. In Pompeii, nymphaes and grottoes are preserved, whose walls and ceilings are decorated with mosaics of stone, glass stones and shells.

Tessellation 05 | 1189 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 05

Not far from Villach are beautiful examples of mosaic floors in early Christian basilicas: Aquileia (early 4th century) and Teurnia (5th century). In early Christian and Byzantine art, the mosaic is flourishing. All wall surfaces, domes and vaults were adorned with representations. Famous are the Byzantine-style mosaics of Ravenna and Sicily. The mosaics were made using opaque glass pieces (smalt) and gold malt, which made the interior of the buildings shine in everlasting colors.

Tessellation 04 | 1188 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 04

Free Tessellation Coloring Pages for Adults. These are unique graphics to color. they are hard.

Tessellation 03 | 1187 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 03

In the 19th century old crafts were revived, the mosaic began to take on its own form again. In the style of the Nazarenes church facades were decorated. For this purpose, the "Tiroler Glasmalerei- und Mosaikanstalt" was founded in Tyrol, where Josef Pfefferle d.Ä. (1862-1939), the great-grandfather of Malu Storch, who learned mosaic craft and in whom his son Josef Pfefferle d. J. (1903-1988) later directed the mosaic department. More about Tyrolean mosaic history.

Tessellation 02 | 1186 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 02

The Art Nouveau style at the turn of the century was opposed by its decorative character. Tessellation

Tessellation 01 | 1185 | Tessellation Coloring Pages

Tessellation 01

In the twentieth century, like art, the mosaic became freer in the design and use of materials. The result was a wide variety of works in a variety of styles, from Chagall to Gaudì.

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