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Dream Catcher 03

The dreamcatchers are hung on the wall, in the door, on the window or over the bed. They not only look decorative, but also have several functions: Evil spirits should be kept away from the sleeper, protect him and let him sleep soundly. The bad dreams are to be caught in the net and then neutralized by the morning sun. The good dreams, on the other hand, slip through the hole in the middle of the net, or glide gently down to the sleeper at the feathers attached to it. I could not really make friends with the dream catchers for a long time. I did not like most of them and I had no idea what they meant. At some point, however, I began to read more about it and even create my own dream catcher: they should be more modern and minimalist. Meanwhile, I have designed dozens of different dreamcatchers and discovered my love for them.

Dream Catcher 03, Dream Catcher Coloring Pages, Free Printable Dream Catcher 03
Dream Catcher 03 Printable Coloring Page Online

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